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I want to tell him what’s on my mind, but I’m scared that it’ll make him like me less.

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So this IS on youtube but i decided it needed to be put on here too(:

Very Very nervous for American Idol..(:

American Idol

So today i registered for American Idol(: I woke up at 4 am, got dressed and headed downtown to the Invesco Feild((: On the website it said no one could camp out, but it sure looked like they did!! Anywhoo, I stood in line with my friends and family for about 4 hours before i actually got to the front of the line to register(:
It only took about 10 minutes or less to even get everything done, but this is what I want to do(: I plan on making it big!!! AUDITIONS are Friday!!!((: 


So, i am new to tumblr. I was a little unsure if i wanted this.. but i think that it would be good to do stuff on here. So here i am(:I am a musician. I love to dance, sing, play pianoo(: I guess you can say I am talented! hhaha I dont really give a crap what people say about me. I mean in all reality we know that everyone is going to talk. So think what you want but i KNOW who i am(:

I am sixteen, outgoing, and i could care less what you think(:

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